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Has a disagreement with another person or company reached a boiling point? Get legal representation from Smith Law Group, PLLC of Farmington Hills, MI. A civil litigation attorney can file claims and negotiate on your behalf.

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When should you contact a contract dispute attorney?

Someone went back on a deal, and now you're stuck holding the bag. A contract dispute attorney from Smith Law Group can help you seek justice. Get reliable representation when dealing with issues such as:

  • Contract disputes. A vendor, contractor or employer broke the terms of your agreement.
  • Property disputes. Is someone else making a claim on your land? Is a neighbor building on your property?
  • Class action lawsuits. Stand up to injustice, no matter how big your opposition seems.
You don't need to handle everything yourself. Lower your stress level by hiring a contract dispute attorney from Farmington Hills & Southfield, Michigan.