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3 Things Southeastern Michigan Residents Should Know About Probate Law

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When someone dies in Michigan, the estate goes through a court-supervised process called probate. The person in charge of the estate (called a personal representative) pays creditors and distributes the deceased person's assets. These tasks can be overwhelming, which is why many Farmington Hills and Southfield, MI residents turn to a probate attorney for assistance.

Smith Law Group, PLLC offers probate services in southeastern Michigan. Many of our clients come to us knowing nothing about probate law, so consider this a starting point:

  1. The deceased person can name a personal representative in their will.
  2. Formal proceedings aren't required for small estates valued less than $15,000.
  3. Assets with named beneficiaries, like life insurance policies, don't go through probate.

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How could probate affect you or your loved ones?

Some Farmington Hills and Southfield, MI residents face legal challenges during probate, such as will contests. An experienced probate attorney can help you overcome these legal challenges and represent your family's best interests.

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